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What Equipment do you need for Football Training?

Colt Football Training Aids Help Boost Muscle Memory Many aspiring football players often find themselves clue…

What Equipment Do NFL Players Use?

Football Blocking Dummies for the NFL The amount of hours that NFL players spend on the practice field is asto…

Indoor Football Practice Equipment: The Colt Blocking Pad

Practicing indoors is about getting the most out of the reps and drills you give your guys. Whether in shorts …

Curved Football Body Shield Dummies vs Arm Shields (with Pictures)

The Blocking Shield Is One Of Football’s Oldest Pieces Of Practice Equipment  Every experienced coa…

4 Types of Football Practice Dummies

Football Practice Dummies Definition: A football practice dummy, sometimes called a blocking dummy or blo…

Football Equipment for Practice: 4 Surprising Realities Coaches Must Face

You Scratch My Back…Football’s “Peace Treaties” Football is a violent game. The year&…

Football Training Equipment for Wide Receivers: 4 Considerations

Wideout Gloves  Pick the gloves that help you catch better. Nothing makes you look cooler than scori…

Running Back Equipment Breakdown: 5 Best Things to Know

Gloves Are you trying to look fashionable or you trying to augment your football play? Go to a sporting goods …

Football Bullet Arms: You Won’t Believe this NFL Alternative.

The violence of arm strikes have long caused football coaches to look for ways to reduce wear-and-tear on thei…

Football Pop Up Dummy: You Won’t Believe this NFL Alternative

Stand up tackling dummies have long been a staple on the football field. Some of the biggest brands (Fisher, G…

Krausko Creating Best Grappling Dummy in MMA Training Industry

The Colt has already been established as the premier blocking pad for top-tier football programs across the na…

Krausko Designing Police Training Equipment

For Division 1 NCAA football teams across the nation, the Colt football blocking pad has served as a highly re…

Football Tackling Dummy

Football Tackling Dummies Teach Perfect Fundamentals Have you been searching for a versatile football training…

Linebacker Coverage Drill

LB Coverage Drill Trains Backers in Tracking and Ball Disruption  Tight ends and wide receivers are bigge…

Linebacker Drill: Shed and Scrape

Stop the Run Consistently Using the Shed and Scrape Linebacker Drill Elite run stopping linebackers need to be…

Linebacker Drill: Blitz Progression

Blitzing Drill Using Football Blocking Pads Teaches Ferocious Pass Rushing It’s third down and long. The…

Muscle memory doesn't train at half speed.

Full-contact 11-on-11 bone-on-bruise collisions wear down even the toughest players. Krausko products are made of flex-foam, vinyl and rubber compounds to withstand real training violence. Krausko coaching equipment trains players for better pad level, technique, fundamentals and team health so you WIN MORE FOOTBALL GAMES.

You can't win in November unless you win January to July.

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New Football Equipment Technology News & Updates

The football world is ever-changing and we’re not just talking about play-calling. More and more attention is New Football Equipmentbeing paid to game planning and preparation, not just game performance. Practice planning is being revisited. New breakthroughs in football training equipment are being developed. The challenge is to increase the effectiveness of football training without sacrificing the growing need for player safety. Practice injuries can’t be completely eliminated, but they can be reduced. New technology and instruction can bring this about. Effective training must duplicate the violence and power moves needed to win games. All the elements of good blocking – precise muscle memory for superior pad level, hand placement, foot movement, head position – can now be taught better and faster. This news section will review the latest articles, news and trends on football coaching equipment, training and safety. Come to this page frequently for information on the latest technological developments.

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