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Linebacker Drill: Shed and Scrape

Linebacker doing rep in shed and scrape drill

Stop the Run Consistently Using the Shed and Scrape Linebacker Drill

Elite run stopping linebackers need to be able to blitz effectively and shed blocks quickly to get to the next level. As offensive linemen get bigger and faster across every level of football, interior gaps become harder to penetrate, and edges become more difficult to round.

You can't get by on pure athleticism alone. Krausko training equipment provides you with the ideal tools for replicating realistic game situations, featuring retractable arms to simulate a realistic, reactive opponent. You need to instill the proper muscle memory at game speed to ensure perfect technique translates to the in-game environment.

Football blocking pads with arms from Krausko Sports allow players of all ages to practice with no pads, and perform linebacker drills at full-speed while greatly limiting the chance of injury.

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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Shed and Scrape Drill Execution

  1. Line up one rusher a few yards straight behind a blocker, each equipped with The Colt blocking pad.
  2. The linebacker should line up slightly offset to one side in a two point stance.
  3. On the whistle, the linebacker charges toward one side of the blocker.
  4. The linebacker uses a chop, rip or swim to quickly shed the block.
  5. The linebacker follows the backer with his eyes, scraping laterally to keep contain.
  6. When the linebacker is squared up with the rusher, he charges and performs sound tackling technique.
  7. Coaches are given immediate feedback on the linebacker's ability to shed blocks and pursue runners.

For an example of the linebacker shed and scrape drill, check out the following video:

The shed and scrape drill for linebackers teaches high-speed precise hand placement and footwork. Retractable arms force players to keep the opponents arms in mind at all times, and be able to adjust when the arms attempt to jump back into blocking position.

Youth Coaches Utilize Football Blocking Pads in LB Drills

Is your youth football team practicing at half speed in an effort to limit injuries? You aren't doing them any favors. Players at any age level need to practice at full game speed to prepare them for live action. Muscle memory doesn't move at half speed. If players aren't able to move instinctually during a real live game, they will make awkward and unsure cuts and movements, greatly increasing their chances of getting hurt.

How can you practice at full speed and not risk injuring your young players? Krausko football blocking pads. Players can practice at game speed wearing no pads in linebacker, offensive or defensive line drills. When you invest in the Krausko training equipment program, you invest in the very best training program in the country, setting a new standard to football blocking practice.

Contact football supplies professionals at Krausko for more information on our revolutionary training program.

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