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Tackling Drill Compilation
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Tackling Drill Compilation - Football Blocking Pad

Tackling Drill

Football Blocking Pads for Full Speed Tackling Drills with Eliminated Injury Risk

The Colt football blocking pads can be used for tackling, which allows players to go at full speed without the risk of injury, focusing on specific targets. The Colt allows you to have separation and to adjust pad level, while teaching technique.

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Hit, sack and practice proper technique with these next generation football blocking pads. Perfect for DL, LB, CB, and S training. Add it to your current practice regimen and watch your team transform their tackling, while staying safe in practice. Understanding the correct way to tackle diminishes the chance of injury, and keeps your players on the field. Whether it’s driving through the ball carrier or running at the quarterback in full force, the Colt blocking pad is the most realistic, injury-reducing system on the market. Guaranteed to improve muscle memory and backed by a 2-year warranty.

Buy football coaching equipment and blocking pads to improve muscle memory through full speed, perfect practice reps.

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