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Wide Receiver Drills
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6 Best Wide Receiver Drill Videos + Training Equipment

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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Wide Receiver Coaching Drill Examples - Rapid Fire

Football Blocking Pads for Developing Muscle Memory at Full Speed

The cognitive advantages of The Colt® are allowing the player to develop muscle memory at 100% speed and violence. Here, the wide receiver is realistically required to locate the defensive back’s hands followed by space creation and a violent hand release. Separation, pad level, punch and finish at full speed. The Colt allows you to work your wide receiver at any point on the field in his route. The mobility is critical in developing a wide receiver’s skills. The Colt allows a coach to work safely on wide receiver contact, while catching the ball, forcing the ultimate in concentration. Catching in traffic requires great discipline. Improve your receiver’s focus and concentration year round.

Clean Release Drills

It’s vital for receivers to completely master a clean release and beat press coverage in the game. Understanding how to quickly stop at full speed, quick cutting and have your hands in the right place has benefits throughout the field in many positions, wide receivers especially. The receiver has to have quick feet to run his route and be able to get open and catch in traffic while on his route.

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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Wide Reciever Blocking Drills

The Colt blocking pad is the best offense against a strong defense. Your players perform against a life-like pad, and no longer have to risk injury of your other players. Level the blocking pad to the height of your corner back or defensive back, and see the results after your receivers practice perfect reps over and over again.

Wide Reciever Ball Security Drills

Nothing is worse than a big gain being negated by coughing the ball up. At the highest levels of coaching, ball security is treated as an absolute premium.

Wide Receiver Routes are Improved with Realistic Training Drills

Separation at the line of scrimmage against press coverage is the difference between blanket coverage and a crucial first down completion. Don’t let the defense disrupt the timing in your passing game. Use The Colt football blocking pad with arms to drill your receivers and tight ends on how to beat the press and streak into the open field. Teach your receivers how to fight through traffic and multiple coverage and still make the grab over the middle. Game speed drills using The Colt turns practice into muscle memory, with less risk of injury or fatigue than full contact drills.

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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More Wideout Release Drills

Get off the line and get open.

Buy football blocking pads and training equipment to increase your in-game performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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