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Football Training Aids: Drill Demos with “The Colt” Blocking Pad with Arms

Football Practice Drills Seamlessly Incorporate Krausko Equipment

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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Our football blocking pads with arms allow your players to practice as close to real gameplay as possible. These videos are football training aids helping you see how The Colt helps you teach proper tackling, footwork, hand fighting and pad level. Our innovative football blocking pads with arms are the new standard in training equipment. Applying Krausko products through your drill progressions exposes your players to real, full-speed, gameplay intensity without risking injury. Experience the power of Krausko’s football practice equipment for yourself and start reaping the benefits on game day.

Find out why more NCAA football coaches are turning to Krausko to improve the quality of practice. Our equipment has helped players at every level of the game. From the pros to kids just starting out, our training tools and drills are designed for everyone.

Contact our football supply revolutionaries if you want to know more about our patented athletic training gear.
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