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The Muzzle

Football Training Equipment for Offensive Line Blocking Technique


The Muzzle

Football Training Equipment for Offensive Line Blocking Technique


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  • Closed-cell foam
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Magnetic technology
  • Fits over any lineman gloves

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2 Year Warranty

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The Muzzle

The Muzzle is essentially a glove that helps condition players not to hold. It teaches offensive linemen to move their feet and continuously fight for hand positioning, instead of grabbing onto the defender’s jersey once they get it. Removing the ability to grab onto a jersey forces players to rely on their footwork and positioning to maintain leverage, thus removing their reliance on holding over time. The Muzzle can also be implemented in Wide Receiver and Defensive Back training for jamming in press-man or run blocking.

Football Supplies for Developing Fundamentals Correctly

Winning your individual matchup is about winning the leverage battle. Almost all coaches harp on pad level and getting low, thinking about push power and center of gravity. Keeping your hands INSIDE can be just as vital to better leverage and penalty reduction. “The Muzzle™” is a specially-constructed device using magnetic technology to instill "hands in, thumbs up" into your players. By not allowing offensive lineman to hold with these ‘gloves’, it forces advanced footwork in each and every one of your athletes. Hear about our revolutionary football supplies from state championship-winning coaches.

Better Gear for Better Hand Fighting and Better Footwork.

The Muzzle™ is unique among football training equipment in discouraging blockers from releasing their hands without using proper form. The magnets allow the player’s hands to SHEAR apart, better receiving the defender as he tries to go inside or outside. Improperly spreading the hands apart and surrendering the pads is met by a strong magnetic force. This helps coaches drill footwork and punch steps for their offensive lineman or other blockers.

The Muzzle Offensive Line Blocking Tool in Red and BlueTraining uses:

  • Drive Blocking
  • Zone Blocking
  • Pass-Pro
  • Mirror-Dodge Drills
  • 1 v 1 Protect Drills
  • Pulling Drills

The Muzzle is available in 3 colors: black, blue, and red. Assign different colors to players during practice drills for better visibility.

Reduce Drive-killing Penalties.

We’ve all seen a game end because of stupid penalties. The best way to keep winning is to play clean and consistent. Only with thumbs to the sky and keeping your hands INSIDE can you execute a legal hold. The Muzzle™ allows players to focus on their steps while practicing a two-hand punch without getting sloppy. One holding penalty can be the difference in a game winning drive.

Improve your entire team with football coaching supplies from Krausko. We supply the best football equipment offensive and defensive players need to train at pro, college, and junior levels.

Create a complete training regimen with Krausko. Check out our football blocking pad with arms, the Colt®, to improve muscle memory and blocking technique performance in your players.

Contact Krausko to order The Muzzle for your offensive line.
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