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52" Football Tackling Ring "DRIVE"

The Circle of Trust 52" DRIVE for High School, College, and Adult Players


52" Football Tackling Ring "DRIVE"

The Circle of Trust 52" DRIVE for High School, College, and Adult Players


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Football Tackling Ring - 52" (see also: 31", 42")

Item HIT (31") Outer Dia31" Inner Dia16" Thickness10" Weight12 lb.
Item WRAP (42") Outer Dia42" Inner Dia22" Thickness12" Weight16 lb.
Item DRIVE (52") Outer Dia52" Inner Dia27" Thickness15" Weight30 lb.

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The "WRAP" Circle of Trust is our
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Circle of Trust "DRIVE"

The Circle of Trust 52” Tackling Ring is designed for practicing and conditioning safe and effective tackling form at the High School, College, and Adult levels. Our tackling rings help players perfect their tackling form and continue to develop their ability to make tackles at awkward angles and speeds. Great for simulating realistic motion through a play and training tacklers to make short-distance pursuit adjustments.

Head Up. Eyes Open. Hit. Wrap. Drive.

Circle of Trust Tackling WheelThe Krausko Circle of Trust is the best tackling ring on the market due to its unique design. The outer diameter is 52” and the inner diameter is 27”. The thickness is 15” with a weight of 30 lbs. The ring allows players to practice tackles safely no matter their skill level. Improve tackling technique for all your players with the 52” Circle of Trust.

Krausko has three sizes of tackle wheels, each size displaying a different word: 31” - “HIT”, 42” - “WRAP”, and 52” - “DRIVE”. These added graphics are a major improvement for precision training. The coach simply tells the player to identify which letter they are hitting, forcing players to keep their head up and eyes open. This exact training creates better players overall.

Any sport with tackling or player-to-player contact can benefit from training with the Circle of Trust:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Ice hockey
  • Lacrosse

In Football, Size DOES Matter

Generally, our “DRIVE” tackling ring is 4" wider than similar rings and perfect for wrapping. Additionally, the pad is wider than 95% of the market, providing a better roll and sturdier build. Made from a better design with more material, Krausko still offers competitive prices compared to our competitors.

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Improve your team with better training equipment and methods. From youth teams to the pros, Krausko has the equipment you need.

Contact Krausko for more information on any of our football tackling rings.
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