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The Colt

Football Blocking Pads with Arms for High School, College and Adult Players


The Colt

Football Blocking Pads with Arms for High School, College and Adult Players


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*Patent # US 9,498,693 B1 dated Nov 22, 2016

*For quantities greater than 3 for any product, contact KRAUSKO, 262-631-0782, or your local distributor.

1 Year Warranty
  • Body Dimensions
    16.5" wide x 23" high x 4.5" thick
  • Arm Dimensions
    22" long x 2.75" diameter
  • Handle Straps
    7" nylon
  • Tube Around Strap
    0.75" clear vinyl tubing
  • Weight
    8.8 lbs
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Get a target jersey for practicing
hand placement and legal hold.
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Football Practice Shields for Full Speed Reps without Risking Injury

It’s not about how many times you practice, it’s about improving your play on game day. The Colt™ facilitates meaningful game speed reps, where pad-less man-on-man drills yield half-speed practices. Muscle memory doesn’t train at half speed. The Colt™ helps players isolate their hand placement and focus on their footwork, without the wear and tear of a full-pads practice. Our football blocking pads with arms are the closest thing to live-game action in their ability to teach players how to excel at football. The Colt™ offers the added benefit of preserving the health of your squad while allowing them to put in real work during practice.

Teach Your Men to Get Low and Inside to Win the Leverage Battle

Primitive football blocking shields, sleds and dummies do not properly teach players to get low and inside. The Colt™ football blocking pad with arms forces your players to keep their hands inside where proper technique will win individual leverage battles, impacting the outcome of plays, drives and games. As hand-placement develops, players isolate their footwork and improve their technique as a whole. Whether it’s you or one of your players holding the football shield, you’ll become a target moving at game speeds; improving your players’ muscle memory with more accurate drills.

The Colt™ is appropriate for all offensive and defensive player positions and most benefits:

  • Wide Receivers
  • Defensive Backs
  • Special Teams
  • Tackling

The Colt Blocking Pad Arm Range of MotionUse The Colt™ to practice: Punch, Rip, Club, Stab, Swim, Bull, Drive Block, Zone Block, Stalk, Reach, Shed, Fit, Scrape, Stack, Ball Disruption, Jam, Releases, Heads-up Tackling.

Reduce Penalties and Injuries

Keeping game-deciding holding penalties at bay starts with keeping your hands inside and dominating your individual matchups. Our football blocking pad with arms trains these skills without the injuries, wear and tear of a live scrimmage. Check out our youth football training equipment, The Colt Jr, if these pads are too big for your pee wee players.

Pads-and-Jersey Upgrade

Shoulder pads built to fit The Colt Pro™ with an authentic jersey are perfect for teaching a legal hold. By aiming for the target X’s players can grab the edge of the chest pad the same way they would a live opponent. The coach or player holding The Colt™ can simulate ball disruption and game-like violence. Recommend using with helmets and shells. Available in 6 color combinations.

See other football training equipment, "The Muzzle™", to increase your team's coordination and keep their hands-in and thumbs-up.
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