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4 Types of Football Practice Dummies

Colt Football Blocking Pad

Football Practice Dummies Definition:

A football practice dummy, sometimes called a blocking dummy or blocking bag, is a heavy bag that simulates a real player. Good blocking dummies help you teach footwork, hand placement and hitting with force and speed without worrying about your player’s safety. Practice dummies have a wide range of uses for drills that maximize your team’s skills without risking injury in man-on-man drills.

Practice Dummy Pros and Cons

Practice dummies allow for fast and hard training without needing to subject your players to bruised forearms. Dummies severely reduce the risk of injury while promoting muscle memory. Krausko limits the tradeoff to only one con: not being able to hit players in real time with real violence. They are the best substitutes on the market for real players.

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The Four Basic Types of Football Practice Dummies:

Punching Dummy Blocking BagThe Punching Bag With Handles

The punching bag is great for practicing blocking hand and feet movements while forcing the player to maintain correct form. All positions need to know how to hit, and these bags teach exactly how to have the most effective tackles and stalks. From receivers to linemen, these pads work the right technique and muscles that you need to win more plays.

Blocking Sled Bag with Football Shoulder-guardsThe Sled Style “Dummy”

The sled style dummy is one of the best practice dummies for linemen, forcing the players to move their feet and keep their arms in. The narrow design makes the player keep their hands inside to prevent illegal blocking. When players hit this bag, it hits back. The weight of these bags makes them even harder to move, simulating the big linemen your players will meet on the line. The sled dummy is great for stationary drills.

Pop-up Football Blocking BagThe Pop-Up Dummy

Pop up dummies are a great tool for advanced hitting drills, these dummies can weigh enough to simulate real resistance from hits. The pop-up design also eliminates the need to set waste time setting the bag up again after every hit, the players can line up and hit it all day. The dummy has attachable arms and a ball to simulate strip drills, make sure all your players practice the right techniques. 

The Colt Football Blocking Drill PadThe Colt Blocking Pad With Arms

Get the best practice with violent physical movement and accurate hand placement out of the Colt Blocking Pad. The Colt is the ultimate tool in the vein of a practice dummy. Teach your players proper hand placement and strong blocks in every drill with the only blocking pad with arms to simulate real game speed and movement. Give your players the edge they need to beat every player they face in strength, speed and technique every time with the Colt Blocking Pad.

Get Krausko’s Colt Blocking Pad today and give your players the opportunity to dominate the field this season.
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