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Football Blocking Dummies: Stationary vs. The Colt

Pop-up dummy traditional football training equipment

Traditional Blocking Dummies Do Not Simulate Game Action

To train players how to block and tackle, football teams use dummies as a part of their training program. Most are simply large cylindrical pads that give teams something soft to beat up to attempt to instill proper technique.

Some dummies are large pads which drop like a bag of rocks upon violent contact. Others “bounce” back up to an upright position, vaguely simulating a response from a tackled opponent. See Krausko's comparison of the four most common types of training dummy to learn more. 

However, no standard dummy simulates natural reactions to player movements. They are only stand-ins for players in pads who do not move—but what football player doesn’t move?

The Colt Football Blocking Dummy

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Krausko’s blocking pads introduce an element of mobility lacking in a static dummy.

The Colt Trains What a Dummy Can’t

Dummies, like the vast majority of football training equipment, are static objects that do not replicate natural player movement. A dummy can’t adjust to any organic actions pivotal in an individual matchup.

The Colt can be held by a player or coach and is light and strong enough to handle full-speed matchups between blocker and rusher. Players learn to react instinctively in individual matchups without being exposed to violent hand-to-hand battles in full pads.

Football Training Dummy Beats Its Alternatives

The Colt football blocking pad is a much more effective alternative to the following popular kinds of blocking dummies and pads:

  • Pop-up dummies
  • Stand-up football dummies
  • Step-over dummies
  • Football agility dummies
  • Hands pad
  • No-hands pad

The Colt strengthens your instincts in individual battles. Winning individual matchups means winning more games. Invest in the Krausko training program, and your team will win more games.

To see how Krausko’s blocking pads are superior to the competition, check out our football equipment comparison chart.
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