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Coach Mike Kusters
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High School Coach Mike Kusters

High School Football and Basketball Coach Mike Kusters' Review of the Colt

Lifelike Blocking Pad with Arms for Developing Muscle Memory Early On

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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Q: Where do you see advantages in using the Colt blocking pad with youth football?

A: The Colt made a big difference in our practices for a simple reason: it’s lifelike, it has arms on it. For younger players, the squared shields was just a pad they could lean on- whereas with the Colt with the hands you could actually demonstrate to them hand placement, pad level- which is really important to a youth football player. It’s a tool you can use to create muscle memory at an early age.

Q: What positions were you able to utilize the Colt with?

A: The Colt can be used at all positions as we know, as far as linebackers- I think the blocking pad was a nice tool. Not only for the linebacker to get his fit on the pad, but in youth football there are a number of kids that don’t like physical activity, so he was the player that could hold the Colt and therefore create game-like situations.

Q: As a coach, where would you use the Colt in basketball?

A: The Colt would be very beneficial in the post play. Lots of high school players and younger players can get the ball in the post and make their move, but the one thing they can’t do is finish and go up strong. What the Colt brings forth there is the pad so you don’t have to beat up your own players. With the arms on it, you can get arm extension and force the post player to make a strong, hard move.

Q: Do you think the Colt blocking pad has an application in an off season program?

A: Definitely. In my experience, a lot of the pads you use at the end of October were never used again. However, because of the arms on the Colt, it creates a game-like, human being-type of thing. It’s a very useful tool right outside your training room, in the hallways, a tool you can use year round, not just when August starts.

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