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Defensive End Football Equipment - Blocking Pads for DE (4-3 and 3-4 RE and LE)

A plus play out of a defensive end can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of a play, drive or game. Better practice with better defensive end football equipment is the fast path to improve your odds of winning. Better practice means developing muscle memory - which simply does NOT happen at half speed.

These blocking pads for defensive ends help coaches teach the right moves. Whether you’re in a 6, 9, or 5 technique, running a 3-4, 4-3, 3-3-5, or a more creative set, DEs always have an important job to do. Responsibilities like gap control, pass rush, run stuffing, and reacting to a play as it develops are all integral to the success of your defense. In addition to conditioning, these football blocking pads help coaches safely teach leverage, power and awareness to train for a variety of real game objectives contingent on winning individual matchups. The Colt® teaches proper technique and pad level with every move: bull rush, steer, lockout, arm over/under, club slap, bull jerk, and hump.

Whether you're working to improve D-lineman footwork and handfighting, or practicing stunts and delayed blitzes, using real moving targets (simulating O-Lineman) makes for better practice, better games and better players.

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