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Hand Gripper


Hand Gripper

SHIPPING DIMENSIONS Height: 3.00 Inches Width: 9.00 Inches Length: 12.00 Inches Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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Adjustable grip for hand strengthening. Get one for every team member. Hand strength is critical for control.

Adjustable Hand Grippers for Sale

Football players use the Krausko Hand Gripper for precision hand strengthening. While plenty of players do full-body workouts, they often miss out on localized exercises. Good hands can win or lose a game. Make sure your players are ready with the Hand Gripper.

Hand Grip in ClassroomIncreased hand and grip strength is beneficial for all players who handle the ball:

  • Quarterback
  • Center
  • Wide receiver
  • Running back
  • Tight end
  • Returners
  • Cornerbacks

Or players who have to keep a grip on opposing players:

  • Offensive guard
  • Offensive tackle
  • Defensive tackle
  • Defensive end
  • Linebackers

The kicker is just about the only player on the field who doesn’t need hand training. The holder should definitely perfect their grip so they can always line up the kicker for success.

Hand Tension Training

Holding back a linebacker requires a different grip than catching a football. Along with an adjustable grip, the Hand Gripper has different tension settings. Increase the tension from 10 kg-40 kg for heavy tension. Players can adjust their tension to match their position.

A Tool for the Whole Team

The handheld gripper is small enough to take anywhere. Get one for the whole team to encourage exercising on the go. High school and college players can work out their hands in class, the pros can get in a few reps while traveling. An ambidextrous player could use one in each hand at the same time!

Krausko has a wide range of football training equipment available for school and pro level teams. Find out which supplies are best for each position.

Contact Krausko to order football training equipment online.
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