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Running Back Drill Compilation
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Running Back Drill Compilation - Football Blocking Pad

Running Back Drill

Football Training Equipment Providing Footwork Improvement and Spatial Awareness

Aggressive punching to specific targets with movement, the Colt creates spatial awareness, and improvement of feet is automatic. Notice how the Colt football blocking pads allow players to double at the same time with visual targets, allowing the movement to drive their opponent backwards with aggression and violence.

If you’re not passing to a wide receiver, utilize your running backs to receive the ball from the quarterback and execute a rushing play. The Colt blocking pad is a target for your offensive lineman to practice correctly getting through the gap or other players. Protect your players with proper positioning and footwork, and they’ll be prepared for game time.

Buy youth football blocking pads to train your players with proper fundamentals and yield definitive results.

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