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Multi-Weapon Fight Drill Using Practice Pad with Arms Teaches Proper Technique

High school players practice fighting off blocks using The Colt blocking pad

High Intensity Training Drill Makes for Spontaneous Action with Mobile Blocking Pads

Any football player worth his salt knows to never stop digging until the whistle blows. When you give it 100% on each and every snap, winning the first battle won’t always cut it. Sometimes you’ll have to beat multiple foes to get to the ball carrier and make a big stop.

The multi-weapon fight drill using a football dummy from Krausko prepares pass rushers and run stoppers for the non-stop action of the real game. The spring action arms of the Krausko practice shield combined with the mobile element in the dummies creates a drill closely resembling the intensity and violence of live action. In the versatile fight drill, defensive linemen learn all of the following physical and mental abilities:

The Colt Football Blocking Shield

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  • Proper hand placement
  • Working half-a-man
  • Stick-to-itiveness
  • Strong Footwork
  • Punch, drive and finish
  • In-game adjustments

The Colt blocking pads are uniquely constructed to allow players to practice at full speed and intensity with no pads weighing them down. Less fatigue spent wearing pads gives players more reps and more capability to improve their play.

Multi-Weapon Fight Drill Execution 

  1. Line up two blockers wielding The Colt blocking pads 1-3 yards apart, each in a two point stance.
  2. Place an attacking defender immediately in front of the first blocker in a two point stance.
  3. Instruct the defender to perform a block shedding technique for focus (rip, swim, bull rush, spin).
  4. On the whistle, the defender charges each blocker and performs the appropriate move, hitting the proper spots on the blocking pads and arms.
  5. Once the defender reaches the end, both blockers turn and prepare for another rep.
  6. The defender turns and charges back at full speed the other way, shedding two more blocks exhibiting correct technique.
  7. Coaches receive immediate feedback on the player's ability to perform proper technique.
  8. With multiple reps, the defender ingrains muscle memory preparing him for full contact game action.

To see the high intensity drill in action, check out the following video—in this instance, the defenders perform rips and swims:

Depending on the coaching focus, players can either repeat the same technique over and over again to instill muscle memory, or have players holding dummies improvise blocking tactics to keep the rusher guessing and adjusting on the fly. Improvisation makes players better equipped to handle spontaneous actions on the field of play during a real game. The specialized features of Krausko practice gear makes this advanced defensive line drill possible. No other football training equipment on the market prepares you as well for full speed game action.

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Football Coaches Teach Safe Techniques at Early Ages with Youth Blocking Dummies

Coaches at youth levels have seen increasing levels of scrutiny in modern times, as the increase in serious injury in the sport stems from improper training at very young ages, according to many critics. The biggest mistake a youth coach can make is to scale back practices to half-speed in an effort to decrease wear and tear. Practicing at half-speed can have disastrous consequences. While you may decrease the odds of serious injury during practice, you greatly increase the odds of serious injury during the game because your players are not accustomed to playing at full speed.

Drills such as the multi-weapon fight drill may seem undesirable and dangerous to coaches looking to decrease levels of contact and intensity during practice. However, with The Youth Colt youth blocking pad, the drill can be performed with no pads at full speed with little risk of injury. Defensive linemen can rip, swim and drive with no fear of injuring the player holding the dummy. Young players learn how to repeat important techniques involving pad level, hand placement and punch and drive at an early age to instill the right muscle memory.

The better prepared kids are for full speed action, the more likely they are to react correctly and avoid unfamiliar physical motions prefacing serious injuries. The Krausko training system is the next step in the evolution of football training equipment. Make the switch today and watch your team blossom into a safer, more fundamentally sound unit in the trenches!

Practice dummies from football equipment experts at Krausko gives coaches great flexibility in coaching specific blocking techniques.

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