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Jeff Kraus on New Offensive Lineman Training Equipment "The Muzzle"

Offensive Line Drills Improved with The Muzzle Training Gloves

Football coach and Krausko founder Jeff Kraus explains the value of The Muzzle offensive live training equipment.

Offensive production begins and ends with a dominant offensive line. Turn your linemen into an impenetrable wall protecting your QB, and a bulldozer opening holes for your running backs by practicing with The Muzzle, the best offensive line training equipment on the market today.

The Muzzle isn’t just a specialty product good for a couple drills, it improves fundamentals within the progressions you’re already teaching. Your centers, guards and tackles will all learn to keep their hands in and thumbs up, ensuring they will protect their numbers and win the leverage battle in the trenches. The powerful magnets holding The Muzzle together prevents players from pulling their hands apart, while promoting proper shear striking technique.

Best of all, The Muzzle offensive line training equipment prevents reaching and grabbing, forcing your linemen to focus on their footwork and finish blocks without holding. All of these drills can be performed at game speed, creating muscle memory and leading to better blocks and fewer penalties on gameday.

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