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Youth Football Training Equipment
Youth American Football Blocking Pad
Youth Football Blocking Pad for Drills without Pads
Youth Football Training Equipment

Youth Football Training Equipment: Blocking Shields for Players Grades 1-6

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Teaching Proper Football Technique at an Early Age for Increased Muscle Memory

blocking pad shematic

Youth football coaches know better than anyone, it’s immensely important to instill good technique in your players starting the minute they pick up a football. Quality repetitions are vital for your young players to build talent, but improper youth football training equipment yields bad fundamentals and poor gameplay performance.

Give your team the best chance to win by teaching the basics of hand technique and leverage to your young players. Outdated football blocking shields without arms do little more than teach your kids to collide in pads. Our patented technology develops muscle memory, teaching your young men where to put their hands to win a leverage battle.

Revolutionary Football Blocking Pads for Training Your Pee-Wee Athletes Early

This football blocking pad for youth combines the flexibility of a movable blocking shield with the finesse of a football dummy with arms, with a twist. Instead of the arms being outwards and not really intruding on the player’s form of tackling, this coaching tool keeps the arms very close together in the chest area. This forces the player’s muscle memory to learn tackling inside the chest every time. The mobility of the pad combined with the representative arms allow coaches to take an active role in demonstrating proper blocking or tackling form. Check out “The Adult Colt”, our football blocking pads with arms for coaching adult athletes.

Body Dimensions
12.5" wide x 23" high x 4.5" thick
Arm Dimensions
18" long x 2.75" diameter
Handle Straps
7" nylon
Tube Around Strap
0.75" clear vinyl tubing
8.4 lbs.
The Adult Colt
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