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More high schools and colleges are using The Colt every day:
Wisconsin Badgers
Notre Dame
Michigan State
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Football Coaching Equipment Testimonials

Football Equipment TestimonialsThese successful high school and collegiate coaches tell you how using Krausko's revolutionary football coaching equipment created a noticeable improvement in practice tempos and game day performance. "The Colt" football blocking pads with arms improved the intensity of practice without the injury risk or wear-and-tear of man-on-man scrimmages. First hand reviews by the coaches using these revolutionary defensive shields are the best way to understand the amazing results your team can achieve by practicing with The Colt.

Check out the following coach testimonial videos as coaches describe their experience with our football training equipment and see for yourself how The Colt dramatically improves your players’ muscle memory, fundamentals and game day execution.

Football equipment managers at every level are bringing Krausko training equipment to more and more high school and NCAA college football practices every season.

Visit our football supplies contact page for questions or get in touch with Krausko, the leaders in the athletic equipment industry.