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Football Equipment Comparison List Chart

Football Equipment List for Youth and Adult Players

The above graphic is a list of football equipment for training youth and adult players. Having a variety of equipment in your inventory and using it in your practices is recommended but no product on the market today offers the utility and versatility of “The Colt football blocking pad”. The chart features key elements to preparing great practices. The entire catalogue of football equipment from other manufacturers fails to offer the versatility of The Colt football tackling dummy.

New Krausko Technology Outperforms the Traditional Training Equipment in Your Inventory

Look at the items on the football equipment list and see how they compare.

Football Blocking Shield with Arms Football Blocking Pad with Target Jersey Upgrade Pop Up Football Youth Practice Dummy Pop-Up Football Training Dummy with Arms Cylindrical Dummy Youth Football Mobile Blocking Pad One Man Sled Football Training Equipment Tackling Training Football Practice Equipment Football Practice Shield with Breast Plate Football Practice Dummy on a Post Arm Bullet Pads Football Blocking Gloves Stand Up Dummy Football Training Equipment Step Over Dummy Football Training Pads Youth Football Practice Agility Dummy Hands Pad Football Training Equipment No Hands Football Blocking Pad

1. The Colt

Football Blocking PadThe Colt is a non-stationary football blocking pad with arms allowing players to move at full-speed while minimizing the risk of injury. Fabricated with aluminum and steel, the Colt is light and strong. The spring-loaded frame is covered with cross-linked foam and high-grade vinyl. The arms are what separate The Colt from a traditional blocking pad. The arms train muscle memory, helping your players win their individual matchups while avoiding a game-changing flag. This light piece of equipment accomplishes a ton. Of all the needed elements of good coaching listed above, the only things it can’t provide are a breast plate grab point and realistic jersey cloth (because it has a long-lasting vinyl surface!).

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2. Target Jersey Upgrade

Football Blocking PadsThis blocking pad upgrade from Krausko transforms the Colt by adding a realistic football jersey. This adds a breast plate grab point (V-neck and shoulder pad) and realistic jersey cloth, allowing the Colt to literally do it all. Coaches can run drills effectively – fast, hard and safe. Full speed drills are a must to replicate game conditions. Fast contact drills also assist in training proper muscle memory. Players greatly improve blocking techniques but in a safe manner most likely to avoid practice injury.

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3. Pop-Up Dummy

Pop Up DummyThis is a traditional, tried-and-true element of youth and adult football practice. As you can see from the chart, it’s useful to teach blocking basics. Pop-Up dummies can be used post-season. But they don’t teach how to block a mobile opponent – and opponents are always mobile! Players can develop strength but not the kind of realistic muscle memory offered by the Colt.

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4. Pop-Up + Arm Attachments

Pop Up Dummy ArmsAdding arm attachments helps a little. The arm attachments form real human dimensions, allowing players to learn proper technique against a more accurate human form. But the arm attachments are still less helpful for some players. A pop-up dummy – even with arms – fails to offer the dynamic range of motion presented by a real opponent. The Colt does because it’s backed by the brain of the coach or player holding it.

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5. Cylindrical Dummy

Cyclindrical Blocking DummyThis is a padded dummy mounted to rotate on a vertical support element. Lateral resistance is variable and the base can be extended on many versions of this equipment. This design was anything but a breakthrough. While it does help develop blocking and tackling techniques for a mobile opponent, it’s basically a moving dummy.

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6. 1-Man Sled (or 2-Man, 3-Man, 4-Man, 5-Man etc)

Football Blocking Man SledThese have been around since the early 1980s. They can be used to teach drive and zone blocking, pass protection and combination blocks. Its dimensions are closer to a real opponent and it can boost mobility at the line of scrimmage. It’s possible to teach a breast plate grab. The problem is today’s style of high-velocity offenses don’t lend themselves to stationary blocking patterns – on either side of the line. Players never let you push them around like a sled. Developing quickness, mobility and leverage are keys. The Colt delivers them.

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7. Tackling Sled

Football Sled Blocking AgilityHere’s another traditional, expensive piece of equipment. Tackling sleds teach mobiity control, target blocking, proper (low!) pad levels and mobility at the line of scrimmage. Constant repetition is a must to develop proper muscle memory. The sled remains a staple in the inventory of practice equipment for coaches nationwide.

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8. Shield with Breast Plate

Football Blocking ShieldSlightly better than a traditional football blocking pad, the padded breast plate shield has 2 layers of foam to simulate the grab points for executing a legal hold.  The Colt with a target jersey upgrade far exceeds these in capability due to the heavy-duty aluminum spring supported rod arms and jersey covered shoulder pads. Muscle memory trains better with better equipment.

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9. Dummy-on-a-post (with arms)

Football Post DummyPlayers can use this to learn how to lose the opponents arms. The dummy has human dimensions. But as you can see from the chart, a dummy on a post is still…a dummy. Again there are some practical applications for this equipment but the lack of mobility limits the potential when compared against the Colt.

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10. Arm pads and Bullet Arms

Football Arm PadFootball arm pads, known commonly as torpedo, missile or bullet arm pads have some useful applications but really come up short when compared to the Colt for defensive and offensive lineman or other pass rushers and blockers. It can teach arm striking. It has human dimensions. But again, the essential elements of realistic football muscle memory are more limited.

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11. Stand-up Dummy

Also called a "half round" dummy, as the flat side is held by the player, and the round padded side is meant to be attacked to the defender. Stand-up dummies are typically about 4 feet high and sometimes have a graphic of an opposing player superimposed on the surface. The pad rests on the ground, so holders can do little more than lean left or right. The immobile element really limits the potential of the stand-up dummy to teach proper fundamental blocking and tackling technique.

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Football blocking pad for full speed training

12. Step-Over Dummy

Step-over dummies are used to teach quickness, foot speed and agility. While step-over dummies can be of aid for footwork, it's really more of a warmup and muscle building tool than football technique training pad. Some double as a stand-up dummy and can be somewhat useful for tackling drills. However, this is not a specialized piece of football training equipment, and its purpose is limited. The Colt football blocking dummy features huge advantages over step-over dummies.

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13. Agility Dummy

Agility dummys are a form of stand-up dummy serving as an obstacles for ball carriers such as running backs or wide receivers. The idea is that the dummies are stand-ins for defenders, and players move through a kind of obstacle course to train for real defenses. Of course, real defenses never stand still, and their location is never predetermined or static. Defenders react, agility dummies do not. Coaches or players wielding The Colt blocking pads are much more realistic defenders for agility drills.

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Football blocking pad for practicing technique

14. Hands pad

A hands pad is a handheld blocking pad with side pockets so defenders may grab the pad as if they're a breastplate. While the pad allows pad holders to be mobile, the pad does not have retractable arms like The Colt. The pad may help teach hand placement and shoulder drive, but a blocker or tackler's natural reactions with their arms is not accounted for.

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15. No-hands pad

No-hands pads are worn like an umpire's padded chestplate. Coaches or players can wear the vest over their neck and receive blows from drill participants to the chest and midriff area. The arms are free to react naturally. Again, the mobility factor is a plus, but having to use a player's (or coach's) real arms may keep players from fully unleashing violent elusive motions. This is all about muscle memory. The Colt offers a superior training experience.

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What Kind of Drills Can I Run with The Colt?

You name it. Because The Colt is so versatile, it can be used for training skill positions like cornerback, wide receiver and running back as well as the brutes down in the trenches. We've got some favorites. Check out some of our drill demo videos to get some ideas for how to teach your players to play the game right and WIN.

Offensive Line Drill Demo Videos DL Drills with No Pads Linebacker Rushing and Passing Drills without Pads

The Colt Football Blocking Pad Features ListBlocking Pad

  • Arms For Striking, padded for player safety
  • Coach-controlled pad level
  • Useful for OL, DL, LB, WR, DB and Tackling (pre- post- and in-season)
  • Drills with movement in space
  • Tackling tool with mobility-controlled pad levels and targets
  • Mobile at line of scrimmage
  • Breast Plate Grab Point (V-Neck plus shoulder pad)
  • Realistic Jersey Cloth
  • Real Human Dimensions
  • American Made

This football training checklist is what you want. Realistic training. Coach-controlled, adjusting each practice to either properly teach technique or prepare for the next opponent. Specific movements drilled into the player without danger of exhaustion or injury during practice. In short, you need technology which works. Unfortunately as the chart shows, most traditional football blocking dummies can’t rival these itemized benefits.

The problem then becomes economic. Look at the football equipment list on the vertical left hand side of the chart. At the top, you’ll see the Krausko Colt blocking pad and the upgraded Pop-Up Dummy and Pop-Up + Arm Attachments. Two simple, effective and affordable items. They work – and they work extremely well. They also cost much less. Both are for sale on line.

Purchase The Colt football blocking shield and starting racking up the wins.