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NFL Practice Equipment Toughest football tackling ring Hit (31"), Wrap (42") and Drive (52") with the circle of trust. 42in Football tackling ring 31in Football tackling ring 52in Football tackling ring NEW!Function Meets a Form-Tackle with the World's Toughest Football Tackling Ring
The Adult Colt Blocking training equipment The Colt How we make the Colt indestructible >>
The Muzzle Football Training Glove The Muzzle

Coaching equipment for better pad level, technique, fundamentals, and team health so you win more football games.

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Better Technology = Better Players & Safety
Football Helmet Player Safety Simulate the violence
of live-football
without wear and tear on your team.
Three Point Stance Technique Muscle memory can't be trained at half-speed. Neither should your players.
Football Versatility Winning individual matchups isn't just
for offensive and defensive lineman.
Lineman Traing with The Colt

Football Blocking Pads with Arms and Training Equipment

The Shields Coaches Need to Bring Game Speeds to Practice

Blue Colt

As the most realistic football blocking pads on the market today, Krausko’s “Colt” shields promote faster practices and better player fundamentals. Our unique football blocking pads with arms quickly caught on with coaches and players from state champion high schools, multiple D3 national champion colleges and from BCS Bowl-winning programs in D1. Summer 2015 update - we've turned pro.

Muscle-Memory Doesn’t Work at Half Speed

Built game-speed tough, Krausko's new football training equipment promotes full-speed practice without the physical wear and tear of man-on-man contact. Training proper muscle-memory and technique not only reduces your squad’s injury buildup over the course of the season, but cuts down on drive-and-game-killing penalties. Simulating the violence of a real game is finally possible thanks to our football blocking pad with arms. Your players improve their footwork and quickness as they practice defensive lineman drills and wide receiver releases at a realistic football pace. O-lineman learn to keep their hands together and keep from grabbing utilizing The Muzzle football training gloves in offensive line drills

The BEST Practice Shield for Training Youth Linemen and Skill Players

Best Youth Football Training EquipmentNo other youth football blocking pads prepare young players for advanced professional levels of football better than The Youth Colt. Instilling the proper, safe techniques for full contact game action teaches the right muscle memory and ensures young players carry good habits to the upper levels of the game.

Help young wide recievers, running backs, offensive and defensive linemen hone their skills across every level of youth football:

Winning Fundamentals from Youth Pee-Wee to High School and After College:

The Muzzle® Trains 'Hands-in, Thumbs-up'.

The Muzzle® trains hands-in, thumbs-up for every offensive lineman, using magnetic technology to force the players to start in proper position. The Muzzle® excels in full-speed practice, teaching blockers to disallow the defensive lineman to gain inside leverage.

Offensive Lineman Training Equipment: Introducing “The Muzzle”

The Colt and Colt Pro (formerly the Target Jersey Upgrade), the technology was developed under the premise getting your hands inside can be just as important as keeping your pad level low when it comes to winning the leverage battle. The magnets also force the player to only separate their hands properly and to step and punch a pass rusher without surrendering his superior leverage position. Above all, The Muzzle forces offensive lineman to work their feet by not being allowed to hold. Perfect technique, perfect feet. Learn the history of football safety equipment from Krausko Sports.

Football Blocking Pads with Arms – Best and Only Gear of its KindRed Muzzle

Vince Lombardi said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Now you have the dollar-for-dollar-best tool for perfect practice with Krausko’s muscle memory perfecting, 100% realistic, full-speed football blocking pads with arms. The next generation of football equipment is here. Go get it the Krausko way.

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Drill Demos by offensive position: OT OG C RB WR TE | By defensive position: DE DT OLB MLB/ILB CB S

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Standout high school and college football programs choose quality equipment over discount or used football blocking pads. Learn more about what makes Krausko gear the perfect flag, high school, adult and youth football practice equipment.