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New Football Equipment Technology News & Updates

The football world is ever-changing and we’re not just talking about play-calling. More and more attention is New Football Equipmentbeing paid to game planning and preparation, not just game performance. Practice planning is being revisited. New breakthroughs in football training equipment are being developed. The challenge is to increase the effectiveness of football training without sacrificing the growing need for player safety. Practice injuries can’t be completely eliminated, but they can be reduced. New technology and instruction can bring this about. Effective training must duplicate the violence and power moves needed to win games. All the elements of good blocking – precise muscle memory for superior pad level, hand placement, foot movement, head position – can now be taught better and faster. This news section will review the latest articles, news and trends on football coaching equipment, training and safety. Come to this page frequently for information on the latest technological developments.

Colt Football Training Aids Help Boost Muscle Memory Many aspiring football players often find themselves clueless about what equipment they really need. Football training equipment is a multi-million dollar industry, and companies are always boasting that they have the newest and greatest products that will boost strength, increase efficiency, and turn you into an all-around football slaying beast. These products often promise a “quick fix” and completely fail to take int...Read More
Football Blocking Dummies for the NFL The amount of hours that NFL players spend on the practice field is astounding. Each player is a finely tuned machine that requires the best equipment possible to stay in shape, improve muscle memory, and learn the most effective training methods in professional football. This is where Krausko seeks to give both amateur and professional football players the upper hand. We provide innovative and effective football training equipment reinforcing t...Read More
Practicing indoors is about getting the most out of the reps and drills you give your guys. Whether in shorts or pads you’ve got limited time to get the most situational awareness AND muscle memory out of your players. Coaches need a tool that will minimize the risk of injury while still getting players to practice game speed reps. Enter The Colt Blocking Pad The Colt is designed with arms to simulate an opponent so your youth or adult players can pound on it. Football is a vio...Read More
The Blocking Shield Is One Of Football’s Oldest Pieces Of Practice Equipment  Every experienced coach knows pads are less violent than skin-and-bone on skin-and-bone. Your guys are more likely to be tentative about practicing techniques when they are thinking about bruising. The way this tends to play out in practice is guys scale back to half speed walkthroughs, avoiding injury while failing to train muscle memory. Muscle Memory Doesn’t Train At Half Speed Krausko&...Read More
Football Practice Dummies Definition: A practice dummy is a heavy bag that simulates a player that you can use to teach footwork, hand placement, and hitting with force and speed without worrying about your player’s safety. Practice dummies have a wide range of uses for drills that maximize your team’s skills without risking injury from man-on-man drills. Practice Dummy Pros and Cons Practice dummies allow for the fast hard training without needing to subject your player...Read More
You Scratch My Back…Football’s “Peace Treaties” Football is a violent game. The year’s first padded practice will be chippy and have harder hitting than late in the season. Most players will give something closer to their all in game situations. In practice players will form alliances with the guys across from them. The game is to look like you’re working more than beat your opponent. Beating your opponent costs energy and pain. Very few players a...Read More
Wideout Gloves  Pick the ones that help you catch better. Nothing makes you look cooler than scoring a touchdown. Style doesn’t mean color or brand.Go to a sporting goods store and try out a few pairs before making any decisions. WR Cleats It’s easy to equate weight with worth because it’s one of the only ways to quantify shoes (other than price – another trap). Read reviews online or try them on at a sporting good store before making a decision. Should...Read More
Gloves Are you trying to look fashionable or you trying to augment your football play? Go to a sporting goods store, grab a football off the shelf and try a few pairs. Some people buy a few different pairs to try out in practice before deciding their favorite. RB Cleats Some people equate lightweight with quality, but as long you can cut and keep your footing, the tiny weight differences in most major brands of cleats (Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under Armor etc) is negligible. Elbows/Sl...Read More
The violence of arm strikes have long caused football coaches to look for ways to reduce wear-and-tear on their players while still training their skills and muscle memory.  Bullet arms (also known commonly as torpedo or missile arms) from brands like Rogers and Rae Crowther have been a popular option for a few years now. Football Coaching Equipment The Krausko Colt has made its way up through high schools and colleges into the NFL. Stated simply, it’s a blocking pad with ...Read More
Stand up tackling dummies have long been a staple on the football field. Some of the biggest brands (Fisher, Gilman, Rae Crowther) can be pretty pricey.  Even youth and used models aren’t cheap – sometimes priced as high as $500. Pop Up Dummy Uses Often the dummy gets used for tackling drills, or placing it behind an o-lineman to simulate a quarterback.  Perhaps the most entertaining drill to watch is 1 on 1s with a tackling dummy as the goal. Using a station...Read More
The Colt has already been established as the premier blocking pad for top-tier football programs across the nation, including Michigan State, Notre Dame, The Wisconsin Badgers, and dozens of other D-1 teams in NCAA Football. There is also increasing use of the Colt as one of the best NFL blocking pads. Due to overwhelming popularity and demand, Krausko has made the obvious decision to reconfigure the Colt, and push the limits of athleticism in MMA training programs. With mixed martial...Read More
For Division 1 NCAA football teams across the nation, the Colt football blocking pad has served as a highly respected training tool. Built with a revolutionary design, this continues to maximize the number of physical weapons a player has at his disposal. As Krausko redesigns the Colt to serve as an MMA blocking pad, there is also forthcoming police training equipment being developed. Police Training Pads for Male & Female Officers In addition to the use of firearms, it is absolu...Read More
Football Tackling Dummies Teach Perfect Fundamentals Have you been searching for a versatile football training tool teaching multiple different techniques for several different positions? Look no further than The Colt football tackling dummy. The revolutionary football blocking pad features retractable arms and handles on the back to enable players or coaches wielding the pad to realistically simulate a mobile player. No player on the football field is ever standing still. Things are...Read More
LB Coverage Drill Trains Backers in Tracking and Ball Disruption  Tight ends and wide receivers are bigger and faster than ever across all levels of organized football. Offensive schemes trend toward a heavier passing attack. Games are won and lost on individual man-on-man matchups in the passing game. Quarterbacks will find mismatches and expose them. Linebackers need to be able to provide quality coverage to keep offenses contained. The best linebackers are able to jump on r...Read More
Stop the Run Consistently Using the Shed and Scrape Linebacker Drill Elite run stopping linebackers need to be able to blitz effectively and shed blocks quickly to get to the next level. As offensive linemen get bigger and faster across every level of football, interior gaps become harder to penetrate, and edges become more difficult to round. You can't get by on pure athleticism alone. Krausko training equipment provides you with the ideal tools for replicating realistic game situat...Read More
Blitzing Drill Using Football Blocking Pads Teaches Ferocious Pass Rushing It’s third down and long. The quarterback is rattled; his receivers exhausted. The coach calls for an OLB storm blitz around both edges. The opportunity to seal the victory is now. A sack means chalking up another “W.” Winning your individual matchup means winning the game. By utilizing revolutionary Krausko football blocking pads with arms, you put yourself in the position to win your matc...Read More
Football Blocking Pads from Krausko Help Linemen to Make Precise Open Field Blocks Adopting a zone blocking scheme can be a challenging transition for even professional offensive line units. The idea of blocking an area as opposed to a man can be a difficult idea to execute. Your linemen need to be aware of multiple defenders and their movements. Which defenders are attacking which gaps? How long should a tackle or guard commit to a chip block before moving downhill to the next leve...Read More
Offensive Line Drills Using Football Blocking Pad with Arms Emphasizes Footwork The battle in the trenches is won and lost on the jump after the snap. A tick too slow, and the defender’s got you beat. Your quarterback takes a taxing hit. The ability to win inside position and maintain the right pad level immediately post-snap is the difference between winning and losing football games. You need the tools necessary to train your players to win the individual battles off the snap....Read More
Blocking Technique Refined by The Muzzle Training Gloves in OL Pass Blocking Drills Holding is consistently one of the most-called penalties over the course of the football season. When a defensive lineman has you beat and has the quarterback in his sights, your first instinct is to protect your teammate and grab a handful of jersey. Offensive linemen must do everything in their power to avoid this situation. Offensive line coaches need the right practice equipment to train linemen ...Read More
High Intensity Training Drill Makes for Spontaneous Action with Mobile Blocking Pads Any football player worth his salt knows to never stop digging until the whistle blows. When you give it 100% on each and every snap, winning the first battle won’t always cut it. Sometimes you’ll have to beat multiple foes to get to the ball carrier and make a big stop. The multi-weapon fight drill using a football dummy from Krausko prepares pass rushers and run stoppers for the non-s...Read More
Football Practice Dummies Help Defensive Linemen Learn Proper Hand Placement You must prepare your players at game-level intensity to allow them to develop the muscle memory necessary to keep up at game speed, no matter the level of play. Without practicing at the proper speed, your players will not be ready for full speed action. Half-speed repetition in practice does nothing but hinder your players' development and long-term safety. Proper hand placement is crucial to controlling y...Read More
Football Practice Dummies Teach Block Shedding Fundamentals in Defensive Line Drill Successful football teams practice at full speed and treat it as the real game. Your football team needs the tools necessary to best recreate the game atmosphere and train muscle memory translating to execution on game day—and more wins for your team. Using Krausko defensive training equipment in conjunction with the multi-purpose block shedding with tackle follow-through drill teaches defensi...Read More
Youth Football Blocking Pads Help Pee Wee Players Develop Into Healthy Professionals Tackle football is a physical game. Professionals consistently exposed to the violence experience wear and tear on the body and mind. In recent years, the football industry has taken steps to address problems associated with concussions and other long-term injuries resulting in mental and physical damage later in life. The emphasis placed on safety and limiting injury risk in all levels of profession...Read More
The Colt’s versatility allows for any kind of blocking training a coach desires. Regular sleds and dummies cannot replicate the subtle technique defenders employ depending on where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Offensive lineman face many different types of blocking scenarios. A guard reacts differently on an off tackle play when the nose tackle shoots the A gap than he does on a counter play when the defensive end shoots the B gap. Defensive linema...Read More
Krausko’s mission is to provide football equipment teaching legal techniques at full speed and maximizing player safety. The Muzzle is an excellent tool that trains offensive linemen to keep their hands inside and emphasize footwork in lateral movement. The magnets keeping the player’s hands stuck together prevent lineman from relying on their arms or getting grab-happy. While the appearance of The Muzzle in blocking drills may appear unorthodox, the fundamentals it ins...Read More
One way football teams attempt to protect players in blocking drills is having them wear inflatable torpedo crayons—or shiver pads, worn on the forearms. While having a player act as a dummy or sled for practice purposes can help in training technique, wearing small pads on the forearms do little to protect players from the physical harm present in full speed training.  The Colt football blocking pad provides a stronger cushion for drills, allowing your players to practic...Read More
Wide receiver or defensive back coaches often use punching bags with handles to simulate the physical matchup between receiver and corner back at the line of scrimmage. The punching bag provides a smaller target than a dummy, encouraging the precise motions necessary to win the individual matchup on the edge. However, a traditional punching bag leaves something to be desired. There are no arms on a punching bag. Arms and hands are a crucial point of focus for both receiver and corne...Read More
Traditional Blocking Dummies Do Not Simulate Game Action To train players how to block and tackle, football teams use dummies as a part of their training program. Most are simply large cylindrical pads that give teams something soft to beat up to attempt to instill proper technique. Some dummies are large pads which drop like a bag of rocks upon violent contact. Others “bounce” back up to an upright position, vaguely simulating a response from a tackled opponent. However...Read More
Football training programs have traditionally used square pads to enforce blocking or tackling techniques. Square pads stand around four feet high and rest on the ground. Most importantly, the pads are static and do not adjust to a player’s movements. They also require a padded player to hold up the pad, as the force of the blows are too violent for a non-padded player to handle. The Colt blocking shield is a superior alternative to a square pad. Players holding the pad can r...Read More
Traditional Blocking Sleds Do Not Prepare Players for Game Speed Football teams have traditionally practiced blocking and tackling by utilizing drills using sleds—a target moving in only one direction. Because targets do not react to the player, players often slow down to half-speed in practice in an effort to refine their technique. However, muscle memory cannot be trained at half speed. A stationary target with no ability to adjust to a player’s movement does not exist...Read More
Organized football leagues have followed a gradual progression from baggy pants and no pads to full pads and plastic helmets with facemasks. As the sport exploded in popularity and players became more and more athletic, steps needed to be taken to increase safety. Football safety equipment history follows this basic timeline: 1920:     The first hardened helmet and leather pads introduced 1930:     Foam pads and facemask added 1940: &...Read More
Flag football is more commonly played at the recreational grade school and middle-school levels, or by high-schools lacking the numbers or budget to maintain a padded football program. The Colt blocking pad adds value to any program looking to create better players who can block or beat blocks more consistently. Most flag football practices feature repetition of several drills focusing on agility and timing. Contact is very limited. The flag game places more emphasis on skill position...Read More
GREEN BAY – The NFL’s most decorated franchise has teamed with the revolutionary football equipment manufacturer Krausko Sports in agreeing to purchase an undisclosed number of “Colt” blocking pads. Krausko founder and CEO Jeff Kraus, a football coach himself admitted to reporters that he was extremely excited in these developments. “Hell yeah I’m excited”, said Kraus, adding the pad was increasingly being used in many high schools and majo...Read More
You Get What You Pay for with Cheap Football Practice Equipment All good football coaches have at least one thing in common: they know how to get the most out of their players. A good coach won’t judge a player simply because he is too small or lacks a specific physical attribute, and the most successful coaches have a track record of developing these players into important contributors. Unfortunately, the same attitude can lead to coaches deciding used or cheap practice gear i...Read More
Effective practice has two goals: get better and stay healthy. Getting better has 2 components:1.    Physical fitness2.    Mental sharpness Your kids need more than sweat to become better football players. Better bodies means strength, conditioning and keeping your team healthy. Better minds means knowing assignments and properly trained muscle memory for winning individual matchups. Invest your team’s equipment budget in winning more games. Every...Read More
The Colt Football Blocking Pad with Arms Improves Player Safety and Technique A football team will only play as well as it practices. Coaching a successful football team means knowing how hard you can push your players in practice without risking unnecessary injuries or fatigue. Many practice tools have been developed over the years which help, but none of them achieve all three of the most important attributes of football practice gear: improve player safety, help players practice lo...Read More
Defensive Line Equipment for the Edge Your Players Need Football is a game of margins. The ability to exploit the smallest advantages is often the difference between a first down and a punt. Collectively, those margins are what determines who wins and who loses. Exploitable advantages exist both at the strategic level as well as the one-on-one matchups your players must win to succeed.The best way to drill game-speed muscle memory is through game speed practices. There are only so ma...Read More
Football equipment and gear from Krausko can be used to train players at almost any position, except quarterback, kicker and punter. Use The Colt football blocking pad with arms to develop blocking technique for your offensive linemen and running backs, or block shedding and form tackling for your defensive linemen, linebackers and safeties. Defensive backs and wide receivers can perfect their hand-fighting techniques and develop the perfect press or release to win the timing battle ...Read More
Get your high school football players playing smarter with football practice equipment from Krausko. The Colt football blocking pad with arms and The Muzzle® magnetic offensive line training equipment. Fundamentals and execution are the equalizer for players and teams who may be physically outmatched. High school football coaching equipment from Krausko enhances and improves upon the fundamentals you’re already teaching your players with smart, intuitive training...Read More
The Training Accessory every Coach Needs for Better Practice and Better Gameday Performance   Technology is changing football just like it’s changing everything else. In today’s football world, the special technological emphasis is on safety. The Youth and Adult “Colt” Blocking Pad Combines Football Safety and High Technology The emphasis on safety is seen at all levels – youth, high school, college and pros. Helmet design,...Read More
Good football teams are built on good fundamentals. Listen to any football coach’s press conference and the word you’ll hear them repeat is execution, execution, execution. From youth leagues to the pros, the difference between wins and losses on gameday comes from proper technique drilled in practice every day. Playing with proper technique is also proven to reduce injuries on the field. The best way to drill technique is in live drills, but with the risk of fatigue and i...Read More