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New Football Equipment Technology for 2015

Good football teams are built on good fundamentals. Listen to any football coach’s press conference and the word you’ll hear them repeat is execution, execution, execution. From youth leagues to the pros, the difference between wins and losses on gameday comes from proper technique drilled in practice every day. Playing with proper technique is also proven to reduce injuries on the field.

The Colt Training Equipment

The best way to drill technique is in live drills, but with the risk of fatigue and injury, coaches at every level have to be selective with how many full contact practices they hold. Krausko, LLC has the solution, with products that allow coaches to simulate live drills while ensuring player safety and reducing fatigue. Practice at game speed with tools to enhance and improve the fundamentals you’re already drilling into your players.

New football gear

The Colt football blocking pad with arms emphasizes simple, smart technology to ensure player safety while providing an enhanced training experience far exceeding traditional blocking pads. The Colt was born out of necessity. Your players will never face an opponent who doesn’t move, and they’ll never face an opponent who doesn’t have arms. The Colt’s aluminum rod arms are attached to the body with heavy-duty springs, providing realistic resistance comparable to an opposing player. The lightweight, shoulder mounted design makes The Colt portable and perfect for football drills at every position, with the exception of quarterback. Offensive and defensive linemen, linebackers, running backs, even wide receivers and defensive backs will benefit from practice with The Colt football blocking pad with arms.

New football supplies

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Coaches know the biggest guy doesn’t always win the battle at the line of scrimmage. The player with the best leverage and technique can often overpower bigger, stronger opponents simply through better fundamentals. Turn your offensive line into an impenetrable wall protecting your quarterback, and a bulldozer opening holes for your running backs, by training them with The Muzzle® magnetic offensive line training equipment. The magnet in The Muzzle® trains your linemen to maintain the preferred hands-in, thumbs-up technique and proper striking to protect their numbers and control the defense.

Krausko is bringing smart, no-nonsense football technology to the practice field at every level, all while ensuring the safety of players in practice and in the game.


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