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Flag Football Equipment to Win More Games

Offensive Blocking Technique

Flag football is more commonly played at the recreational grade school and middle-school levels, or by high-schools lacking the numbers or budget to maintain a padded football program. The Colt blocking pad adds value to any program looking to create better players who can block or beat blocks more consistently.

Most flag football practices feature repetition of several drills focusing on agility and timing. Contact is very limited. The flag game places more emphasis on skill positions. Quickness, speed, and careful coordinating is a higher priority than strength or force.

However, there is still a need to teach the fundamentals of blocking to increase effectiveness protecting the quarterback and block shedding to get to the quarterback. The right technique will limit drive-stopping penalties and win you more games.

Traditional flag blocking drills require a half-speed approach, as there are no pads to shield a violent blow. The Colt and the Muzzle allow flag players to practice at full-speed, simulating a realistic game environment.

Teaching Blocking Fundamentals Without Pads

Despite its more widespread use in padded football leagues, our blocking pads are also excellent training devices for flag football. Its versatility as a pad less training aid makes it uniquely useful for training in flag football leagues. While a flag football league does not expose players to as much violence as the padded game, the techniques necessary for success are even more important.

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Our training equipment emphasizes proper hand placement, anticipating and adjusting to unpredictable movement, and creating leverage in your favor. In flag football, no player stands still. Escapability and finesse are the name of the game. The Colt Pro blocking pad is perfect for flag football blocking training, as it features two X’s on the jersey to indicate where a player’s hands must be placed on the rusher.

Our football blocking pads provide a safe alternative to traditional flag blocking drills. Players are given license to practice at full-speed. Muscle memory does not move at half-speed—our trainers offer flag football teams a chance to instill techniques which will instantly translate into game-time success.

Our Blocking Pads Give You a Competitive Edge

In many ways, padded and flag football are the same game. Cementing good habits in practice means developing proper technique. Successful execution of this technique means winning individual matchups—and more wins for your team.

While our products are used most widely in padded football leagues, you have an opportunity to improve your team in a way few other flag football teams can. Our pads ensure your flag football team has the very best technique in your league. Stay ahead of the curve.

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