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Safety Football Equipment - Blocking Pads for SS and FS

See your Strong Safety reading the down block, coming up hard, shedding lead back and making the perfect form tackling in space. That is how to use The Colt to make your players better. Practice ball disruption on moving targets, release moves from stalk blocks and for tackling. A couple more incompletions due to arms being raked is exactly what you’re looking for!

Assignment sure, savvy safeties are integral in preventing the big play. Developing and protecting these players is an essential part of improving your chance of winning. As a coach one of the most effective things you can do to help develop your strong and free safeties is to rep them at full speed without exposing them to the increased rate of injury in a risky full-contact practice. These football blocking pads with arms help develop youth, high school college and adult FS and SS players in any set -- nickel, dime, base, whether working out man or zone. The pad can simulate WR arms letting the safety work on violent ball disruption at game speeds.

Safety Football Equipment Blocking Pads for Coaching Strong Safety and Free Safety Every Form of Pass Defense Safety Football Training