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More high schools and colleges are using The Colt every day:
Wisconsin Badgers
Notre Dame
Michigan State
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Cornerback Football Equipment - Blocking Pads for CB and DB

Ball Disruption! If you’re not in position for the INT then a good DB will rake those arms, preventing the catch from occurring. The Colt is the perfect tool for safely executing at full speed. The bubble screen is crushing defenses everywhere because corners aren’t getting off of their blocks. Teach release moves at full speed, in space and finish with a perfect tackle using The Colt. Cornerbacks can also practice jam techniques, utilizing proper leverage and target strikes to force the receiver into a poor release. Your adult, college, high school and youth cornerbacks will benefit from "The Colt", the first patented, revolutionary football blocking pad with arms.

Cornerback Football Equipment Blocking Pads for for Coaching Conerbacks Pass Coverage, Man Zone, Nickle, Dime, Bump & Run  Football Cornerback Training